Water Heaters

Above All John Wood Water HeatersSave up to 40% in water heating costs with a new water heater system installation. We supply and install oil-fired and indirect hot water tanks by the world’s finest water heating system manufacturers. John Wood® oil-fired hot water tanks offer efficiencies of up to 95%. These oil-fired water heaters can work efficiently with brand new oil-fired boilers or with older models.

In contrast to most conventional direct-fired tanks, indirect-fired tanks use the water from your boiler to heat your tank water. Space heating and domestic hot water production are integrated into one system that maximizes system performance and is regulated by one control and powered by one burner. With a configuration that includes an indirect water heater, your heating system runs less to produce more energy. Upgrading to an indirect water heater can greatly improve the value of your home and save you money by extending the oil deliveries needed to heat your home. A TURBOMAX® water heater can produces instantaneous hot water at an efficiency rate of over 99%.

Our friendly staff would be happy to assist you in determining which type of water heater is best for your home and family’s needs and can provide you with information on financing options for installing a new water heater. Call us at (631) 447-8234 to speak with a specialist.

The TURBOMAX series represents the ideal solution for domestic hot water needs in residential, commercial and institutional applications.

Our patented technology produces instantaneous hot water at an efficiency rate of over 99% and helps to reduce the accumulation of scale deposits that diminish the efficiency of traditional water heaters.

TURBOMAX allows you the flexibility to choose the energy source that is the most economical: natural gas, propane, oil, electricity, solar or recuperated heat.

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